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Welcome to Time for English

“A different language is a different vision of life”

Federico Fellini

No matter what age you start learning a language, there are many known benefits, especially when it comes to learning English.

Would you like to

  • use English with confidence
  • boost your employment opportunities
  • improve your communication skills when travelling
  • obtain an internationally recognized language certificate
  • connect with other people and cultures in English
  • learn English in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • brush up your conversation skills
  • keep your brain challenged and active

At Time for English, the learner is at the centre of the learning experience with ample opportunities to practice the language in a supportive environment.

There is a range of English courses on offer that suit your needs and wishes, both face-to-face and online:

  • English for Adults
  • Business English
  • Cambridge Exam Preparation
  • Online Lessons
  • English for Kids and Teens

Please visit the new courses section for information about upcoming courses.

If you have any questions about our English courses, please get in touch with me.