About me

My name is Caroline Lemmer and I have been living in Switzerland for over 20 years. I grew up and obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Education and German (B.Ed. Hons) in Malta. In addition, I obtained the TEFL certificate to teach English as a foreign language. Afterwards, I furthered my studies in the English language by obtaining the DELTA Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults from the University of Cambridge (Level 7/ Masters Level).

Moreover, I am a certified Cambridge speaking examiner. To keep abreast of the latest language teaching methods and resources, I regularly attend seminars and conferences for language teachers. Furthermore, I am in possession of the SVEB, Certificate of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning.

In Switzerland, I have gained wide experience in teaching English at various language schools and companies. I have taught General English, Business English, English for Specific Purposes (e.g. Tourism and Catering ) and given exam preparation classes at different language levels, to learners ranging from children to adults and from primary to tertiary level. Whether I am teaching face-to-face or online courses, I strive to make the learner’s experience as varied and interactive as possible, with a clear focus on the individual learner’s language needs.

I live with my family in Zurich-Oberland and in my leisure time I enjoy going for long walks in the lush countryside. I am very interested in foreign language learning and teaching, having grown up bilingually in English and Maltese and been exposed to various languages from a young age, namely Italian, French and German.

From my personal experience of learning foreign languages, I believe that learning another language means putting yourself out of your comfort zone. It is an experience which is simultaneously enjoyable, challenging, exciting, and rewarding at the same time. It requires commitment and openness as well as regular practice.

Exposing yourself to the target language by using different media like watching films and TV series, listening to music and reading is very useful and enriching, not only to improve one’s vocabulary but because it gives you an invaluable insight into the culture of the language you are learning.